Northern Exposure – Nunavut Trip

Temisan & Juste’s Wedding Day

Melanie & Sheldon’s Wedding Day

This past Thanksgiving weekend I had the privilege to shoot the wedding of two wonderful people in the scenic, coastal town of Beachside, Newfoundland. The October leaves & oceanside church created the most beautiful backdrop for a perfect day. Melanie & Sheldon had thought of every little detail and I was amazed at the thought and love that went in to the planning. The icing on the cake was certainly their beautiful daughter, Maci who had her hand in every part of the day. Congratulations to the wonderful couple and wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Road Trip: Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh & Shawshank!

We went on an amazing road trip over a summer long weekend. Our first stop was Cleveland and to be honest we have no idea why we hadn’t been there sooner. We stopped by the Rockin’ Roll Hall of Fame, took in a ballgame and had an amazing night at an Irish Pub where we met some pretty cool locals (that we’ll certainly look up on a trip back). Our next adventure took us to Shawhsank Prison (Previously Ohio State Reformatory). It was cool to walk in the same yard that Andy and Red paced in back in the day. We next stopped in to Columbus for a night and enjoyed walking the waterfront and finally ended the journey in Pittsburg on a sleepy Sunday. All in all it was an awesome weekend away in some new cities that we got to explore.

Italy Trip

This spring took us to scenic Italy for two weeks with our good friends Erin & Chris. It was a jam packed itinerary that started in the south beginning in Rome, a brief (and winding road) from Pompeii to Positano and then north to Florence. We toured Tuscany, ate an obscene amount of pizza & pasta and drank more wine than we thought possible. The trip had wonderful moments, including an engagement and driving the winding road of the Amalfi. We also had a blowout fight with restaurant staff, including a getaway from our driver (me!) that had a server on the hood of the car (Private message for the story of a lifetime lol!). Overall, Italy was stunning and full of history and character. This was truly a place to see history, architecture, and a landscape that has somehow managed to stay authentic and captivating.